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The new fleshlight toy is out there. In fact, it’s totally a new kind  of toy, which uses the ultimate sex toy called fleshlight to give you the ultimate virtual sex experience. It’s no joke have a look at Vstroker Fleshlight features list and you will certainly put it on your wish list. The virtual sex content is to include the vstroker enabled videos games and online sex cameras, you could not have asked for more!Plus it’s totally wireless!!!

There are number of user reviews available to read on Vstroker Forum to help you to decide if you want to get one or not. More Vstroker Review will be available soon, as the toy is becoming crazylu popular very fast.

That’s right, If you have never experienced the magic feeling of the blowjob, the Autoblow is the best place to start. You get 95% of the feeling you get when a girl does it. So, what’s missing then, some good bits, the Auto ablow blowjob machine doesn’t lick your testicle sack when giving you a blowjob, small but very important disadvantage indeed. That’s about it,you get everything else, the sensation, the intensity, you can regulate to your most peculiar likings, slow or fast, easy or hard, the choice is yours. The autoblow offers you an incredible opportunity to experience the “almost there” sensation you get when a girl sucks your cock. And yeah, it’s a hands-free sensation, so what can be better than that?! You can fire up the Autoblow machine while watching porn, and to imagine you are the lucky guy, receiving it from that cute ebony girl with the DD breasts. And do not forget, it’s hands-free, so you can go into the world of illusions with the full intensity.

Believe me, the first time you experience the orgasm by using the Autoblow masturbator, this day you will remember for years! And this is going to be one of those good memories you like to remind yourself about, once in a while.

I bet, at times, you’d wish to receive a blowjob from the Autoblow machine rather than the real girls. Simply becuase it’s amazing, no-obligation fun, which is totally in the control of yours. And who if not you knows what he really wants, right?!

Autoblow blowjob machine is certainly the most amazing blow-job imitating hands-free adult toy there is. And to be honest, it;s not much of a toy, it’s a serious affair, a love affair!


P.S. We just came across of a autoblow blog, where they are displaying 15% Autoblow coupon off the order, could be worth giving it a shot.

It’s not just another fleshlight device review guys, which are hundreds around, I’m going to be honest with you here, as much as possible.

I have owned only one fleshlight and to be honest, I threw it away into the garbage bin after using it for 2 or three times. Because it was so damn realistic, that I got scared.. I loved the thing, I loved how it feels, no doubt, the fleshlight is the most realistic masturbation device I’ve ever tried. It’s so comfortable, it feels so good to be inside, that it get’s really scary. Coz in fact, I preferred fucking my fleshlight over to fucking my girlfriend. It’s like trying the specific kind of drugs, I will not mention here. You try it once and it feels so good, that you feel hooked after using it only once. So, just out of being nice to yourself, you never use it again. You know what I mean?! ;)

So yes I loved the fleshlight, every inch of it, especially if you warm it up in the hot water, to give it even more realistic qualities. It’s the best masturbation machine ever existed. I love the other realistic masturbation machines too, they all fell good in one way or another, each of them has a specific advantage or gives you a really funny feeling or has a special feature you can enjoy so much. I keep them all, to use them once in a while. coz it’s fun. But the fleshlight is the Realistic Masturbator I had to throw away not to tempt myself. I have sacrificed it ti the Gods to remain a humble realistic masturbator tester. It will always remain number one for me, but only in my memory. I gave a vow not to use it again, ever.

So if you don’t have a nice girlfriend around you, so it will be the best treat you fun give yourself. It is the most realistic masturbation device you can buy Today. Just make sure you hunt for some fleshlight deals, before ordering one. Why not to order two for the price of one, for example?!

Realistic Masturbators Tenga Egg

Tenga is a company from Japan, they make may be the most awsome male realistic masturbators ever.

Tenga egg masturbator is something, which can be used for solo action or it also something you guys can use it as a couple.

Ladies, if your boyfriend is a guy, who travels a lot, or a military, how awesome would it be to have a tenga egg masturbator in his carry package.

Let me just go ahead and talk what Tenga Egg is, it is actually an egg, how awesome would it be at Easter? Perfect!

Let me talk now on how to use it…

There’s a little strip line, which you strip away and take off the rest of thee plastic shell from the egg, and you have a little cute egg in your hands.

Most eggs are really good source of protein, but unlike, Tenga Egg male masturbator is a really good source of pleasure

Now back to the egg..

As a fact, it’s really small, but that’s a good thing.

When you take the egg out, you have a shell, which made of  quality silicone. All Tenga toys  are made of high quality materials.

Inside, you can find a little package containing the best thing in the world for good sex with any of  the realistic masturbators – the lube. So Tenga egg comes with a lube or  if you wish, you can use any lube you personally like. Any kind of water-based lube would be great.tenga egg realistic masturbator

What we gonna do now  is to open the little pack of lube and squirt some lube directly inside the egg, there’s a little hole at the base of the egg and also, put some lube on the outer ram just to help with the insertion. Lube is your best friend, it’s true!

Now, go ahead and slip it on.

It’s great to use it to massage the head of the penis, or also, the egg is extremely stretchy , so you can bring it all the way up and down the shaft of the penis, if you want to.

Another great thing about the egg masturbator, is that it comes in several varieties.:

Twister, stepper, spider, silky, clicker and wavy. Each egg’s inside texture is very different. Which means it’s a lot more fun to use than a hand.

realistic masturbator - tenga egg

You can buy Tenga Eggs male masturbator in “Six Pack” , which contains six eggs and you can choose, which textures you want to use.

I absolutely love Tenga masturbation products and especially I like the egg. It’s super stretchy!!

Have fun guys, and certainly, the Tenga Egg realistic masturbation will help you a lot.

Hello, My name is Artyom, and I’m the director and main editor of the blog.

Here’s my favorite masturbation device, and is actually the first one, I purchased. It’s simple, easy to operate and provides me with unreal ass penetration experience. Perhaps, I love it the most because it was the first one, or may be I just love it, because it perfectly resembles the cute ass of my room mate, Dmitry, whom I fancy a lot, anyways, here is the picture of my favorite realistic vibrator:

Ashley Blue's Cyberskin Pussy and Ass